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Aadme Ranch Horse Facility

The Adame Ranch is a 10-acre boarding and training facility located in Alvin, Texas. It was recently purchased and has been developed into first rate boarding & training facility for Quarter horses &Thoroughbred Horses. On the Adame Ranch you will find an original barn that has been renovated to accommodate the horses. In addition to the old barn, an additional building was recently remodeled to enclosed more horse stalls. Our main goal is to become one of the largest horse boarding and riding facilities in the greater Houston area.

Aadme Ranch Horse Facility

Also, the Adame Ranch is a short commute from Downtown Houston making it very accessible. The 10 acre facilities consist of 30 stalls each measuring 12x12, a training Start Gate, horse washing area and an automatic horse walker. Each amenity is provided to train your horse properly and keep the animal comfortable during training and boarding.


Adame Ranch
870 Barrel Road
Alvin, TX 77511
Tel: +1-713-253-1289


Horse Starting GateHorse Walker

The Adame Ranch is committed to furthering the sport of horse racing in the Houston area. In addition to our boarding facilities there is a horse walker that is used daily before training to warm the horses up.

Horse WalkerStarting Gate

There is also a starting gate set up at the beginning of an open course and is used to familiarize horses with the starting gates at tracks before their races. The idea is that the horse will first learn to pass through the gate and then gradually be accustomed to the front and back gates being closed.

Horse ShowerShowering

When the horse is done with training a horse shower is on site to wash and cool the horse. The horse will then be able to retire to one of the comfortable stalls recently constructed. With the help of our horse trainers we hope to carry on and help anyone interested in the horse racing.