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The Adame Ranch main goal is to provide a safe, comfortable training environment for your horse. .


Luis Adame

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Boarding Services

Adame Racing LLC offers a great in house boarding service below you will find the prices and services that we offer:

Boarding prices may change without notice due to increase costs of feed, hay, fly spray, labor, utilities, fuel, shavings, etc. Partial and full board include shared turnouts. A negative Coggin's Test and deposits are required on all horses prior to moving in. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Full in House Boarding: $40 Per day
(includes Purina Strategy, Coastal Hay, Grooming, Hoof Condition, and a Swim Session)
In House Boarding Option 1: $38 Per day
(includes Costal Hay, Grooming, Hoof Condition, and a Swim Session & owner provides grain)
In House Boarding Option 2: $35 Per day
(includes Grooming, Hoof Condition, and a Swim Session & owner provides grain and hay)

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Special Services

We also offer Daily Swims, Horse Barrel Training (By Crystal Bailey), which can be done without the boarding that can give your horse the training needed.
Daily Swim (maximum 5 laps): $20.00 each horse
(This also depends on the horse physical condition.) After your horse has three consecutive sessions, the daily swim rate will be $15.00 per horse.

Adame Racing LLC will also provide sessions after hours and during lunch. Lunch will be from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m., after hours will be from 6 p.m. and on.
After Hour/ Lunch Swim Session: (includes 3-5 laps) $20.00 Per horse

Your horse can also get a feel of being in a starting gate and our jockey can also gallop your horse, the prices are as follows.
Starting gate: $15.00 Per horse
Jockey Gallop: (additional to the usage of the starting gate) $15.00 Per 30 mins

We are also equipped with a 6 horse walker, and showers which can be utilized by your horse at no additional cost. Adame Racing LLC wants to provide you with a peace of mind, to ensure this we require all horses to have their current Coggins test be negative. (AR must have a copy of these test results on file) � AR will also have surveillance cameras.
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Additional Services