Aquatic Therapy for Race Horses

Aquatic Therapy for Race Horses

Adame Racing, LLC. offers a swimming pool for your horse and it is incorporating water therapy. Since Race Horses have to deal with the intensity of training, we will give your horse the essential muscle and mental relaxation it deserves. Horse pools are designed to relive discomfort that can be caused due to an illness, injury or a surgery. With swimming, the horse not only gets his muscles exercised but his most important organs which are his lungs and heart also get the necessary and maximum conditioning.

Why a swimming pool for the Horse?

Aquatic Therapy Pool

  • 1. Therapeutic
  • 2. Releases Stress
  • 3. Buoyancy displaces 45% of horses weight (which relieves compression on lower legs)
  • 4. Full body relaxation
  • 5. Happy Horse!

Horse Swimming

Horses are a very intelligent animal, with that being said they know how to swim naturally so there is no need for teaching them to swim.

Swimming for the horse can be stress reliving and can be very rehabilitating for a horse who has gone through any kind of surgery or procedure, these things can take a huge toll on the horse and can be relived by a little time in the pool!

As mentioned in The Sanctuary, swimming a horse helps with maintaining proper body and muscle tone, also helps maintain or increase mental capabilities.

The Adame Racing Pool for horses, will be cleaned and tested daily to ensure the quality our horses will be swimming in. The horses will be in a very safe environment, rather than a traditional swimming pond.

Water Training

Horse Water Training

The horse water training therapy will be implemented to most horses either weekly or monthly depending on the horses physical state. Although this is not suitable for every horse given the fact that their physiology is different, the time spent in the water depends primarily on the condition of the horse and the swimming program.

According to the Northern Virginia Animal Swim Center, a horse should start swimming about 200 yards and build up over time. They should reach about 500 to 1500 yards once they are more comfortable swimming.

This kind of training also helps your athletic horse with any soreness they encounter after a very long period of performance and their sour attitudes after the training or race.


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